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The purpose of this website is to provide information about resources for catalogers, created by Richard and Deborah Fritz, a pair of librarians who love cataloging and computers, respectively (i.e., one of us loves cataloging and the other loves computers; both love libraries).

MARC Report (and MARC Global)

From the very first software that we released (MARC Review, © 1992), our goal was to give ordinary catalogers control over the quality of their MARC data. After nearly 30 years of continued maintenance and improvement of the software, we feel that we can safely say the current version of MARC Report (and its utilities, including MARC Review and MARC Global) is stable and reliable.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and on December 31, 2021, we closed the doors of our company, TMQ, Inc. (aka The MARC of Quality) and its training, software, and database services.

But our love for cataloging and computers hasn’t come to an end and we continue to believe that MARC Report and its utilities are still needed, to continue to give ordinary catalogers control over the quality of their MARC data. So, for the next few years at least, we intend to continue to provide updates to the MARC validation tables and release new versions of MARC Report, as needed, at no charge.

What this means for our users of MARC Report (and MARC Global) is that they can continue to use the software for as long as MARC is still in use, provided that future upgrades to Windows do not cause the software to break.

Officially, technical and administrative support for MARC Report (and MARC Global) ended on 12/31/2021; but, if you find a bug, please email the details to us ( and Richard will try to fit it for the next version.

We will continue to send update notifications to users who are on our mailing list. For more info on getting updates, check this page.

Now for the good news. If you are still using the software, then you will be glad to hear that once you have installed the most recent update (version 258), you will no longer need a subscription or a registration key to re-install the software, e.g., if you want to transfer a copy of the software from one computer to another. Note: Registration will still be required to run any version of MARC Report prior to 258.

You will also not need a subscription or a registration key to install additional copies of the software. We have always wanted to make all of our software free, and now, like RIMMF, MARC Report is free to everyone, not just current users.

If you are a current user and want additional copies, download as many as you want. Encourage your colleagues far and wide to do the same. Spread the word.

Now for the sensationally good news. If you have ever wished that you, too, could afford to get MARC Global, it, too, is now free, with no additional subscription or registration needed. And we have enabled it for all current users who download version 258 of MARC Report; so, you don't have to do anything to start using it whenever you are ready. Note: If you have not used the MARC Global utility–a global find and replace tool–you should read about it here, before you do anything irreversible to any files.

Download the latest version of MARC Report and MARC Global:

Information about the software and guidance about updating or downloading new copies of it, and other useful tips and help instructions are available via the links below.


RIMMF is our free editor for RDA data. It is not MARC-based, but it is our vision of the future of cataloging with RDA. We started working on RIMMF in February 2011, and have been developing it, with a few months off here and there, ever since. We have worked closely with organizations involved in the development of RDA, and RIMMF is described on the RDA Registry site, in the Tools section, as an “RDA data editor”.

We believe that seeing RDA in action will help you to understand how important it is. The library community still has a long way to go before it can replace MARC in its complicated cataloging infrastructure, but it is our hope that RIMMF might allow us to visualize a better, simpler way to do cataloging, someday.


We provide wikis to support our software:

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