System requirements

Our software–MARC Report, and RIMMF–is supported on Windows 10 Pro. The programs are designed for the 32-bit environment.

Internet access is required for access to current help/wiki, cataloging documentation, tutorials, and of course, program updates.

Program installation requires very little disk space (20 MB for MARC Report, much less for RIMMF).

The amount of disk space actually needed to run the program or the utilities is determined by the size of the files being used/created in the software.

Our software is not supported as applications on any Windows Server platform.

Our software is not compiled for the Windows x64 platform–but it will run on it as long as it is installed in the “Program files (x86)” folder.

The software relies on the WinAPI to determine the 'Documents' (or 'My Documents') folder of the user running the program; the user must have appropriate permissions in that folder. The software may not run correctly on highly restricted systems. In such extreme cases, a flash drive version may be needed.

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