MARC Global features

MARC Global is a ‘find and replace’ tool that is specially designed for the complexities of the MARC format, with its coded fixed fields, indicators, and repeatable fields and subfields.

MARC Global is universal. It will run on any MARC file; you can run MARC Global on the records in your local system by first exporting your database to a MARC file.

MARC Global is completely customizable. There are no restrictions; the only rules that are enforced are those which would break the MARC structure of the record.

MARC Global does what you tell it to do. You are not limited to someone else’s idea of what needs to be fixed in your MARC records.

MARC Global is made for MARC. Unlike the global fix tools on most local systems, where your options are limited to a mapping of the MARC record, with MARC Global you have access to the whole MARC record: you can reference any tag, any occurrence of that tag, any subfield, any occurrence of that subfield, any indicator, any data pattern, any occurrence of that data pattern, and so on.

MARC Global is re-useable. Any time you run MARC Global, you can save the options that you entered for future use (so that you do not need to enter them again). This is called a ‘Saved Review’. You can run a Saved Review on a file with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

MARC Global is self-automating. Your Saved Reviews are collected in a database which you can further organize into Sets of saved reviews, called ‘Auto Reviews’. You can then run an Auto Review on your file and make many changes to your file in a single pass.

MARC Global is part of MARC Report. Any Auto Reviews you create will be available in a MARC Report edit session. So, in many cases, you will be able to fix all of the common problems in a record with just one mouse-click. And all of the MARC Report utilities are just one-click away.

MARC Global is integrated with MARC Review. Our MARC Review product (included free as a utility with MARC Report, and originally copyrighted in 1993), is the most powerful search tool available for MARC files. Every MARC Global session begins with MARC Review, which makes it easy to apply a change to only a subset of matching (or non-matching) records.

MARC Global has no limits. MARC Global will run on one record, or it will run on a file of a million records (or more). There are no restrictions (other than those required by MARC) on record length, tag length, number of tags, and so on.

MARC Global is safe. MARC Global never directly changes your source file. Unless you manually rename your results to overwrite your source file, the file you started with is sitting on your disk in its original, unmodified state. So, you can run a MARC Global job on your original file over and over again, tweaking the settings each time, until you get just the results you want.

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