Using RIMMF. Tutorial #12, Import a Bib record that has no NAF record for its Work or Expression

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about importing an LC Bib record as a RIMMF Manifestation record when no Work or Expression NAF record is available.

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Alternate: Use a pre-built folder

If you want to jump to this tutorial without doing the previous tutorials, follow the "Download Web Folder" instructions and download the following folder from our website:

If you intend to use this file to proceed through the remaining tutorials, 
  remember that it is located in your '\RIMMF3\imports\zip' folder.

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Find, View and Import the Manifestation Record

  • <F3>
  • Change the Search Source to '[BIB]Title'
  • Search: Smoky house
  • <View MARC>
  • <Import>
Notice that RIMMF is going to import the Manifestation,
  create records for the
  Expression, and Work,
  import a NAF record for a Person: Floethe, as an Illustrator,
  and link to the Author: Goudge.
  • Click the down arrow by the <Import> button
    • Select <Selected records>
    • Click <OK> for '4 records imported'

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Check the Manifestation

  • Double-click on the Manifestation heading in the R-Tree
  • Split the 'Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title Proper' into two:
    • Click on the Text box for the element
    • <F2>
    • select and cut <Crtl+X> the illustrator data from the first element
    • paste <Crtl+V> that data into the second element
    • don't forget to tidy up the punctuation
RIMMF would have done this split for you, if the separating punctuation
  had been the semicolon ( ; ) that it should have been.
  • Always remember to especially check the Publication and Extent data, to be sure it came over ok
  • Save the record

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Check the Expression

  • Go to the Expression (click the [E] button)
Look at the MARC record, to see whether there is anything 
  you could add or edit in the Expression data.
There is nothing more to be done.

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Check the Work

  • Go to the Work
I don't see anything in the MARC record, 
  that you could add in the Work data.

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View the R-Tree

  • Click <R-Tree>, from the Work record
  • Expand the Expression
Notice the Illustrator that was added in the import; 
  we should check it
  • Open the Illustrator record
  • Open the Source record for it:
    • Options | Show source <Ctrl+Alt+S>
Let's just say, for now, that this import is fine as is.
  • Close the MARC record
  • Close the Person record
  • Back at the R-Tree, switch the R-Tree to the Goudge record:
    • Click on the Goudge heading
    • <Ctrl+R>
Notice that all of the relationship labels are correctly given
  as 'Author of'

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End this Tutorial

  • Close everything

If you are finished playing with RIMMF for now, close RIMMF. If you want to proceed, go to Tutorial #13

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