Importing MARC Bibliographic records into RIMMF

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  • Check records after importing:
    • Manifestations:
      • Always check that Mode of Issuance is correct
      • If the bib record contains multiple Place of Publication and Publisher Name elements, then sort to correct order, after importing
    • Expression:
      • Add color manually–it is not mapping yet
      • Add Status of Identification
      • Remove link to 7XXs added as Contributors when they should be Creators in Work
      • Change the relationship element name to something more specific, if needed
    • Work:
      • Add Status of Identification
      • Add Creator link for 7XXs added as Contributors (in Expression) when they should be Creators; if the resource has more than one author, you will have to move subsequent author links from Expression (as Contributors) to Works (as Creators)
      • Click on AAP to add VAP
      • Change the relationship element name to something more specific, if needed
  • Choosing what to import
    • If you already have a Creator or Contributor in your database, RIMMF knows not to import it again, and links the imported entity record to the appropriate Agent. If RIMMF links to the wrong Agent, then remove the link and link (or import and link) to the correct Agent
    • If you know that you already have a Work or Expression in your database, do not import it
    • If not importing one or more related entities, you must go back and make the linkins manually (for now, until we can reliably dedup)
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