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 +====== Main Menu: Edit Menu: Vocabulary editor ======
 +**//To be completed at a later date//**
 +The vocabulary editor is a convenient way to view and manage the properties of a vocabulary and its terms.
 +====== Link a Vocabulary to an Element ======
 +To link a vocabulary to an element--so that the vocabulary's Terms are available when the associated element is edited in RIMMF--follow these steps: 
 +  - Close the Vocabulary editor if it is open
 +  - Open the Element Editor
 +  - Select the element that you want to link to 
 +  - Switch to the RDA page of the Element editor
 +  - Select the vocabulary in the Vocabulary/Title drop-down list
 +  - Respond to the pop-up prompt
 +  - Close the element editor and test the change
 +**Related Topics**
 +  * [[howto:createvocab|Create a new vocabulary]]
 +  * [[howto:addterms|Add terms to a vocabulary]]  
 +  * [[details:openandclosed|Open and Closed vocabularies]]
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