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 +====== Record Menu: File Menu: Send to MARC Report ======
 +This option can only be used while in an entity record. If chosen, it:
 +  * converts the entity data to MARC21:
 +    * Manifestation data is combined with selected Work, Expression, and Item data to create a  bibliographic record
 +    * Person, Family, Corporate body, Work, and Expression data export as authority records
 +    * Item data does not export separately (as a holdings record) at this time
 +If you have a copy of the [[http://www.marcofquality.com/soft/softindex.html|MARC Report software]], you can export a RIMMF record as MARC21 and instantly open it in a MARC template, along with error messages pointing out work that still needs to be done on the MARC record.
 +===== Quick Steps =====
 +  * In an entity record that you wish to save as a MARC21 record, and open immediately in MARC Report:
 +    * Choose File | Send to MARC Report; or press <Shift+F8>
 +    * Note the RIMMF Identifier for the record
 +  * The converted MARC record will:
 +    * be saved in your 'RIMMF3' folder in a subfolder called 'exports'
 +    * be named with the RIMMF Identifier of the Entity record
 +    * automatically open in a MARC tagged template inside MARC Report:
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