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 +====== Main Menu: Options Menu: Setup: Remove/restore demo records ======
 +When you download RIMMF for the first time, you also download a set of demo records, just to give you something to practice with.
 +The records are:
 +  tmq-demo-1 Fritz, Richard J.
 +  tmq-demo-2 Fritz, Deborah A.
 +  tmq-demo-3 Fritz, Deborah A. MARC21 for everyone
 +  tmq-demo-4 Fritz, Deborah A. MARC21 for everyone. Text
 +  tmq-demo-3 MARC21 for everyone. American Library Association. 2003. Volume  
 +If you do not wish to keep these records in your data folder, you can choose the option to remove them.
 +You can also restore these records to your data folder, should you wish to do so, at any time.
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