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 +====== Record Menu: Options Menu: Remove Element Constraints ======
 +Toggling this option either allows you to move any sub-element anywhere you want in a record (without that sub-element being constrained by property/sub-property constraints) or it locks sub-elements to their parent elements.
 +===== Quick Steps =====
 +To invoke this option, either:
 +  * Choose: Record Menu | Options Menu | Remove Element contraints
 +  * Hit <F12> 
 +This will either:
 +  * Remove Element constraints--a check mark will appear to the left of the option
 +  * Add Element constraints--no check mark shows to the left of the option
 +===== Detailed Steps =====
 +If no check mark appears to the left of this option (default), then you cannot move a sub-element from under the parent element to which it belongs. 
 +If this option is checked, then you can move a sub-element from under a parent element, and place it under a different parent element. This is not technically correct, but is sometimes necessary, in order to make the elements export in the correct ISBD order for a MARC record. Click on the option 
 +For example, to line up the example below, correctly:
 +  245 10 $a Shaolin Dancing Warriors / $c Isabel Muänoz = Shao lin wu shi / Yishabeier Muniaosi.   
 +This option works on a record-by-record basis--it is always 'off', by default (locking sub-elements to their parents); so you will have to turn this 'on' (unlocking sub-elements from their parents) for each record, as needed.
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