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 +====== Main Menu: File Menu: New Template For ======
 +**//Do NOT use: Needs fixing//**
 +Use this menu option to **create a new template**.
 +===== Quick steps =====
 +  - Choose 'File | New Template for ...'
 +  - Select the appropriate Entity
 +  - In the default template that opens, choose 'File | Save As ...'
 +  - Give the new template an explanatory name, always beginning with the name of the Entity, e.g., Expression template.Audio
 +  - [[howto:customizetemplate|Customize your new template]]
 +  - Save your template before closing it, with: <Ctrl +S>
 +===== Detailed Steps =====
 +If you want to create a new template, the 'New Template for ...' option allows you to choose the Entity type for the template and customize the default template for that Entity. 
 +  * Choose 'File | New Template for ...'
 +  * Select the appropriate Entity:
 +    * Work
 +    * Expression
 +    * Manifestation
 +    * Item
 +    * Person
 +    * Family
 +    * Corporate body
 +This opens the default template for the Entity that you picked. The default templates are named as follows: 
 +  work template TMQ.txt
 +  expression template TMQ.txt
 +  manifestation template TMQ.txt
 +  etc.
 +__You should immediately save the default template as a new file__. To do this, select 'File|Save As ...' and assign the new file an explanatory name. We recommend always beginning with the name of the Entity and "template" (e.g., Manifestation template.LP). 
 +__If you forget to rename the template, any changes made will be lost the next time you use this menu option.__
 +Once you rename your new template, you can start [[howto:customizetemplate|customizing]]
 +it, and any changes that you made or make in the future, for your new template, will appear any time you use that template.
 +Save the template before you close it, using <Ctrl+S>
 +If you want to create a new template based on a previous template that has aspects that you would like to copy, then you should start from that existing template instead of from a default template. See [[howto:copyTemplate|How to Copy a Template]].
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