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 +====== Record Menu: Options Menu: MARC (Mapped) View ======
 +This option:
 +  * is invoked from a Manifestation record
 +    * compiles data from Work, Expression, and Manifestation entities for a single resource, and from other entities related to those entities (see also Record Menu: Options Menu: RDA Record Sets) 
 +    * converts that data into MARC elements (see also Learn about [[details:rda2marc|MARC mapping]])
 +    * displays those MARC elements as a MARC Bibliographic record 
 +  * invoked from a Work, Expression, or Agent (PFC) record
 +    * converts the data from that record into MARC elements
 +    * displays those MARC elements as a MARC Authority record
 +//MARC mapping is a work in progress//
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