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Record Menu: Options Menu: Expand/Collapse All

This option opens all elements with plus signs, to show their sub-elements, or closes all elements with minus signs to show only the top level for the entity.

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Quick Steps

To quickly display or hide all levels of elements and subelements in a record or template:

  • Choose Options | Expand/Collapse All; or press <Ctrl+Alt+A>

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Detailed Steps

When this option is toggled on (the default), then all levels of the elements in a record or template will be displayed; if this option is toggled off, then only the first level–the entity–will be displayed.

While in a record:

  • Choose Options | Expand/Collapse All; or press <Ctrl+Alt+A>

This screenshot shows a record with the 'Expand/Collapse All' option toggled off (i.e., Collapse All).

For more control over the number of levels that are displayed in RIMMF, see View Menu: Expand to Level.

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