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 +====== Main Menu: Tools Menu: Download Web Folder ======
 +Use this option to download and immediately open a folder of RIMMF records from the web.
 +===== Quick Steps =====
 +  * Close all open records and RIMMF functions, except the Main Menu
 +  * At the Main Menu:
 +    * Go to Tools | Download web folder
 +  * Paste a URL for the Web archive folder (must be a zip file), e.g., http://rimmf.com/data/zips/AfterTutorial_1.zip 
 +  * Click <Fetch>
 +  The folder is downloaded, unzipped, to your <RIMMF3\imports\zip folder>
 +  * Click <Yes> to change to the downloaded data folder
 +    * Click <OK> to open the EI for the folder
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